University of Shizuoka Game Lab

Text Analysis Worksheet (Japanese version)

In the Game Terakoya project, I used a worksheet to help raise students’ awareness of different aspects of texts in and around games. Students had to think about aspects such as:

  • patterns
  • organization
  • style
  • context
  • purpose
  • viewpoints
  • audience

It is challenging but necessary, I think, to help students look at texts as more than just information or some new vocabulary words.

To help students of lower proficiencies tackle this work, the worksheet has just been translated into Japanese by a graduate student at the University of Shizuoka, Ms. Yuiko Ito    (thank you, again!).

Here is the google doc:

I hope this helps others try some analysis work in their language classrooms. Let me know how it goes, please!

If you can suggest some changes to the Japanese translation, please let me know or just leave comments on the document.